Friday, November 23, 2007

An Introduction

Considerate Mind is an example of online reporting. The blog reports and publishes good stories that the networks and papers miss.

Why? Because there's alot more for people to find out than what's carried by the news wires.

Considerate Mind is devoted to finding interesting news and discourse; catching the stories that fall through the cracks.

With the writer having various sources online and on-call, Considerate Mind is versatile in it's coverage.

Readers make the website, and giving them thought provoking news copy is top priority. Considerate Mind is completely independent, but will always be ethical and objective.

Features cover issues from politics, through science, medicine and health, technology, business, the arts, sports, and everything that happens to be in-between.

All the articles are originally researched, gathered and reported. Not everything makes the cut. But if it's unique, informative and engaging, Considerate Mind will run it, making sure the readers know more when they leave, than when they arrived.

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